Workers behind The Working Dead.
Our team is made up of experienced individuals with previous experience in delivering both technology and art. All of us are extremely motivated and aim to build The Working Dead into one of the leading NFT projects.
Sean Founder Twitter
A certified cross-platform mobile app developer who has been working commercially leading the development of production-ready mobile applications and websites for the last 10 years.
WalterOstlie Creative Lead Twitter
A professional writer and artist that loves bringing fun, whacky, and weird ideas to life thru art and comics. Passionate about sharing experience and knowledge with new creators so they can create their own worlds.
narts Advisor Twitter
An IT product manager that has been strategizing, designing, marketing, and releasing customer-facing products for almost 10 years. Passionate about clear communication and building innovative products, combining all of this with a love for finance makes the perfect match in the NFT space.
Jarvis Crew Member Twitter
Has been in the metaverse since 2005, the early days of e-sports networking as professional gamer. Was introduced to blockchain in 2017 starting with Ethereum and now passionate about the broader crypto ecosystem, the future is multi-chain!