Release Schedule

Distribute $WORK over time.

First Year

Our goal is to leverage the first year of the $WORK token to achieve a good distribution amongst our holders.
By using multiple emission streams, mainly with genesis staking, contract event airdrops, and various liquidity incentives we want to reward people that actively participate in our offerings.
Once the first year is over we'll start to reduce genesis staking rewards, our different airdrops will have happened and liquidity bootstrapping programs will have ended.
Note that these estimations don't account for the $WORK utilities we're planning such as on the Worked. platform and mints in $WORK be it badges or future collections that will all contribute towards reducing the circulating supply of the token.
It's also very hard for us at this point in time to estimate the first-year release of $WORK for the platform, partnerships and the TWD treasury. We'll be updating our estimations and making everyone informed once more accurate estimations can be done.

Next Five Years

By the end of the first year, we'll have achieved a fair distribution and released the first $WORK utilities. We will then continue to work on introducing even more new ways to use and earn $WORK across our platform.
We have developed these tokenomics in a way that ensures we'll be able to sustain our ecosystem for more than the next eight years. With many future utilities coming across the Worked. platform we believe that we'll be able to achieve continuous sustainability.