Working step by step.
Our roadmap is made up of five different phases each with a different set of deliverables that will contribute to the project's success. We'll be working on completing each phase and continuously aligning our goals with the expectations of our community. We are extremely excited and motivated to continue expanding the project and hope you will join us on this adventure.
  • Bootstrapping a strong community of aspiring builders and artists on Cardano
  • Launching the Genesis Collection of 6,666 Skulls
  • Release of our Livepaper describing our vision and the road ahead
  • Introducing our native $WORK token
  • Launch of our staking platform for the Genesis Collection
  • Launching our AI.Robots collection on Ethereum
  • Launch of the alpha version of our platform
  • Launch of the initial utilities of the $WORK token
  • Actively onboard more and more creators onto the platform to help it grow
  • Reward content creators and learners with $WORK
  • Organize events like game jams, hackathons, etc. with $WORK prize pools
  • Add challenges for learners to test their skills and earn $WORK
  • Deploy innovative ways to further incentivize learning
  • Introduce future collections, mintable with $WORK
*Phase 5 is currently our backlog of ideas and is highly subject to change as the project evolves.