$WORK. Die. Repeat.
The $WORK token is the backbone behind the whole Working Dead ecosystem. It will be heavily integrated into the Worked. platform and all future plans we have in the pipeline.
One of the first ways to earn the $WORK token will be achieved by staking your Working Dead NFTs. The amount of $WORK accumulated will initially be influenced by the role embedded in the metadata of your NFT. For example, a CEO would have higher staking rewards than an Intern.

What is the goal of $WORK?

We want to create a healthy ecosystem around a good learning experience that helps form daily habits, helps learners to set and achieve goals, learn valuable new skills, and more.
One of our main goals is to find new ways to push the space together, to create a learning hub where anyone will be able to develop various skills by completing courses, partake in various activities, and complete challenges for rewards.
Content creators will be able to submit courses on the platform and monetize in whichever way they see fit. Once courses are on the platform it'll give creators additional revenue streams and allow them to further professionalize their content.
Learners will be able to earn a limited amount of $WORK each day by learning and progressing through courses. Completing exercises, exams, and challenges and participating in various activities.

What is coming for $WORK?

Our main focus will always be to continuously grow our Worked. platform, introducing multiple functionalities for $WORK. Alongside this, we're also exploring the possibility of utilizing $WORK as a currency to mint any future collections, instead of $ADA. An initial example is the badge which we plan to introduce soon!