Beta Version

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With the beta version of our learning platform, we aim to extend the usage of our platform, further enabling its growth. When we will have finalized our alpha version we'll have strong foundations and a thriving community to support this growth, further rewarding both content creators and learners!

From alpha to beta

However, we'll always make sure our initial supporters will be rewarded and continuously profit from the growth of our platform. This could be through setting up additional monetization models for staked NFTs, that also yield rewards based on other activities on the platform. We're also exploring the option of having companies register their own "sub-platform" within our ecosystem, further driving the adoption as a whole.

Features of the beta version

One of the key features of the beta version will be the addition of gamification through for example challenges and a bounty program, allowing users to earn rewards for completing specific tasks and contributing to the community. We also plan to organize events such as hackathons and game jams to foster innovation and community engagement.
As we open up the platform, we're also aware of the increased need of providing a more convenient way to convert $WORK into other coins, which is exactly what we will be providing.
The platform is also designed to foster innovation by bootstrapping projects with the community and opening career paths for people interested in the space.