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These NFT Terms describe the sale and license terms for the digital artworks and/or collectibles (“NFTs”) purchased from The Working Dead (“The Working Dead”, “TWD”, “we”, “us”, “our”) through our Website. Our Disclaimer, NFT Sales Terms and Terms of Use are intended to be read side by side and are herein incorporated by reference to form a single, binding agreement. Users are entirely responsible for the safety and management of their own private Cardano wallets and validating all transactions and contracts generated by this website before approval.

This website and its connected services are provided “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind. By using this website you are accepting sole responsibility for any and all transactions involving The Working Dead digital collectibles.


All the plans in this documentation are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

This document should be considered purely informative and not considered a guarantee by the team. This is a live document and will be kept accurate and up to date at all times. Feedback from the community, advisors and third parties will be taken into consideration whenever making alterations to the roadmap, with the success of TWD always being the priority, but all changes are at the sole discretion of The Working Dead team.

The holder represents and warrants that the purchase of The Working Dead NFTs and $WORK is for personal collection, use, and enjoyment and not for speculative or investment purposes.


The NFTs exist on the Cardano blockchain. Each NFT sold to you via a transaction using the services is a smart contract executed on the Cardano network. Therefore, the transaction cannot be reversed or otherwise refunded. As a result, all sales are final. Furthermore, once the purchase is complete and the smart contract is executed, The Working Dead cannot attempt to regain the purchased NFT or any funds involved.

When you purchase a NFT (the “Purchased NFT”) via our Services and the smart contract is executed on the Cardano blockchain, The Working Dead grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable license to use, display, reproduce, and distribute copies of the Purchased NFT for personal or commercial purposes, subject to your compliance with these Terms of Use. The license does not include any license rights to any individual elements or features of the Purchased NFT but only to the Purchased NFT in its entirety. Such licensed use explicitly includes the sale of your Purchased NFT on a third-party marketplace or the display of your Purchased NFT on a third-party website, provided that the third party, in both instances, cryptographically verifies the Purchased NFT owner’s rights. Furthermore, such licensed use explicitly includes the creation of derivatives, modifications, or improvements to the Purchased NFT (“NFT Derivatives”). For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this section shall be deemed to prevent you from owning or operating the aforementioned third-party marketplace or website, provided that the marketplace or website cryptographically verifies the Purchased NFT.


The holder is not granted the rights to The Working Dead name, logos, trademark, or websites. The holder shall not use The Working Dead NFT in any way which could devalue the main brand such as anything illegal, offensive, fraudulent or infringing upon any intellectual property rights.

The holder may not represent themselves as a member of The Working Dead team or project.

The Working Dead will retain all licensing rights to the intellectual property, names, logos, brand, including but not limited to any user-owned NFT. Nothing mentioned in the terms will prohibit The Working Dead from reselling rights and licensing to a third party under separate terms and conditions.

The holder is completely liable for any taxes that occur due to minting, use, and sale of the NFT.

If there are any queries on our Terms and Conditions please create a ticket in the Discord server. https://discord.gg/workingdead

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