Learning Ecosystem

Learn on Worked. Earn $WORK.
Our mission is to create the next generation of blockchain-enabled learning platforms. By using new technologies we believe that it’s possible to unlock a whole new paradigm of incentives that will reward both learners and creators in a fair way. We call this Learn And Earn.
Built upon both the Cardano and the Ethereum network, we want to provide a solution that will be one of the first stepping stones to help induce healthy daily learning habits.
The platform will help our community set goals, learn valuable skills, and in the future potentially open new opportunities or a career path in the web3 or digital space.

Time is money

Learn-to-earn, play-to-earn, move-to-earn, ... All these different models have one thing in common: they all reward users for spending their time and/or attention within their ecosystem. Time has become more and more scarce over the past years, thus more valuable to companies.
The play-to-earn model was popularised by AxieInfinity by letting users earn tokens while playing their game. Tokens then could be converted into other tokens, including fiat currencies. Companies monetize this through advertising and offering promoted products.
In parallel with the play-to-earn model more fitness-related companies began introducing the move-to-earn model where users would be rewarded for having an active lifestyle. E.g., Sweatcoin is one of the more popular platforms, which monetizes similarly to AxieInfinity.
Next up we have the learn-to-earn model, popularised by Coinbase and Binance, where users are often rewarded for completing educational content with native tokens of the project they just learned about. This mostly helps these projects by increasing their user base.
In all these models users have always been on the consumer side. There isn’t yet a platform that allows users to be both content creators and content consumers, to benefit from these models…

Learn and earn

However, that is exactly what we are aiming to introduce with our learning ecosystem on Cardano. We will introduce our Worked. platform, where content creators both can provide and monetize their own content, offering it to content consumers (learners).
In addition, active users on the platform could be rewarded in the native token $WORK, further boosting the growth of the platform. Other platforms, such as Duolingo, also made gamification popular by rewarding active users on a regular basis through quests and rewards. This is something we also want to bring into our own ecosystem.
As you can see, the terminology learn-to-earn might be too narrow for what we are trying to achieve here. It's all about creating daily learning habits for content consumers and about providing an additional revenue stream for content creators.