Alpha Version

Start $WORK Early.
Our learning ecosystem is driven by our learning platform. Since we value our holders we will initially only be allowing workers inside our platform and grant them access to the early stages of development. Every wallet that's connected and doesn't hold a Working Dead NFT will not be able to benefit from all our features.

Minimum Viable Product

In the alpha version, we are planning to release the capability for content creators to add courses and for learners to access the content.
Since we have a lot of features on our product backlog, we intend to release this in an iterative process - often releasing new versions of our platform in the coming months.
In this alpha version, we will not be opening up our platform for non-holders.

Content monetization

Courses will be at the core of our platform. Our content creators will have the freedom to decide how they want to offer the course to learners:
  • as a free course
  • as a paid course, one-time fee with $WORK
  • as a free course, with certain parts being locked behind payments with $WORK
  • as a free course with the option to tip using $WORK

Curation by The Working Dead Foundation

To ensure the content being offered by content creators on our platform is top-quality, all provided content will be curated by The Working Dead Foundation, consisting of several educational experts in various domains.
Once content has been approved learners will have the option to interact with it.
Our goal will always be to ensure that both learners and creators have the best experience possible, and we believe this curation will play a crucial step in doing so.