Bot Wars Collection

There's a war coming to Ethereum.

Choose your side

Skulls have given their lives, literally, to the hustle. Grinding themselves to the bone. However, the future beckons and a new world order rises.
The A.I. controlled bots are coming... This will be the war to decide the future. Will skulls triumph? Will the bots crush the skulls? Will they learn to work together and bring about a harmonious future?
The Working Dead: Bot Wars Collection is a social commentary project and an experiment. The battlefield is level, made of 5,000 randomly generated skulls and 5,000 randomly generated bots, totalling a total NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs.
Make sure to choose your side carefully, since the winner is always the one that writes history...

Bespoke art generator

Striving to break the distinction between custom and generative art, we programmed a custom generator from the ground up to handle specific aspects of the traditional art craft.
Curated palettes, drop shadows, glows, reflected light all work together to create harmonious, unique, and vibrant imagery. Our generator was painstakingly created to allow these elements to be applied to our art to craft a collection that pulses with life.
Building upon the praised art style from our Genesis Collection, and further stretching the limitations of generative artwork, Bot Wars continues the vision from our renowned artist Walter Ostlie.
However, there's a lot more than solely art to it...