Genesis Collection

The Working Dead have landed on Cardano.

A unique and original collection coming to Cardano

The Working Dead: Genesis Collection is a collection of 6,666 NFTs brought to life on the Cardano blockchain. This project introduces the concept of learn-to-earn and will allow every undead to play a vital role in the ecosystem. Join the undead in their quest for knowledge and help them clock into their 9-to-5s.
The collection has over 250 unique hand-drawn traits and is made up of over 800 unique art files which have been used for complex layering and blending modes.

Skulls attributes & looks, our innovative approach

Not only did Walter Ostlie create all the art for the Working Dead collection, but he also coded the art generator program in Python from the ground up.
Most generators execute a simple process, layering one image over another image. Often they take a very base image, then add some attributes on top of it, and finish it off with some laser eyes. Very straightforward, but also limiting for an artist.
Walter created his own unique generator to give him all the creative flexibility he would need to produce a visually exciting collection. And the result is stunning!
The Working Dead is a collection without limitations or compromise: just the pure, unfiltered vision of the artist.
However, there is much more to it...