Airdrops - Contract Event

Free $WORK.
It is our belief that we should reward people that invest in our ecosystem, and believe in the project. This is why, in addition to being able to stake our Genesis Collection, we'll be conducting three different $WORK airdrops for the collection.
However, we do like to do things slightly differently... And in order to incentivize holders to continuously stake and reward users that actively participate we've come up with an alternative approach.
For your Genesis Collection NFTs to be eligible for the airdrop, they'll need to have been staked for more than 90% of the time elapsed since the start of the event.
We truly see this as a contract, an agreement, where those that honor the rules of the contract will be greatly rewarded!
The first Contract Event will start sometime after all 6,666 Genesis Collection NFTs have been minted and airdrops will happen after 12, 24, and 36 epochs respectively.
For example, holding an NFT with the role "Middle Manager" at the 12 epochs mark would make you eligible for a 200 $WORK airdrop if the NFT has been staked for more than 54 days.