Rewarding our hard-working community.
Staking plays an essential role within The Working Dead's learning ecosystem. Every worker will be able to earn daily rewards when staked within our platform.
We have partnered up with Anvil to provide our staking solution. They have a robust platform that provides a secure, non-custodial staking system with all the functionality we require to handle earning a set amount of $WORK rewards based on certain traits within the metadata of our NFTs. Non-custodial means the NFT won’t leave your wallet whilst it’s staked. However, you won’t be able to transfer the NFT without unstaking first.

The companies of the Genesis Collection

Every NFT in the Genesis Collection is randomly assigned a company for whom each works. Six different companies exist in the Workapocalypse, each with 1,111 employees :
  • Skull Tech
  • Rest In Profits
  • Mortal Coil Capital
  • Ever After Enterprises
  • Afterlife Assets
  • Last Breath Bank
Inside each company, everyone is assigned a role:
A company and its role will come into play in multiple different ways as the ecosystem of The Working Dead continues to develop.
The "Executive" role is exclusive to the 1/1 NFTs in the The Working Dead Collection. This role overrides any other role assignment and will not stack. For example, an executive with a vice-president role would receive the executive multiplier and not the sum of executive and vice-president multipliers. There are only 10 executives in the entire 6,666 collection.

The Contract Event

We'll be conducting three different $WORK airdrops in addition to our staking mechanism, acting as additional incentives for holders that actively opt-in.