Staking Rewards

Earn rewards while letting your workers $WORK for you.
At The Working Dead, we understand the importance of rewarding our hard-earning workers. In order to do so, we distribute $WORK on a daily basis, ensuring that you can already start claiming these rewards after a single day.
In addition, we also want to ensure a healthy distribution of $WORK being generated by each employee of our companies. Therefore we've set up multiple reward-generating mechanisms.
Our $WORK token is not divisible, meaning rewards will always be rounded when claimed and any leftovers will carry over onto the next day.

Staking rewards from roles

Our main mechanism is based on the role of our workers. Each type of role generates a different amount of $WORK, with more rare roles earning more $WORK per day.
For example, an intern will earn 2 $WORK per day or 10 $WORK per epoch. A CEO will earn 36 $WORK per day, or 180 $WORK per epoch.

Staking rewards from rare attributes

In addition to the role of our workers, we are also taking into account rare attributes. Every rare attribute grants an additional amount of $WORK per epoch.
The rarer an attribute is, the more $WORK it will earn. These additional $WORK bonuses stack on top of the role bonuses. A minimum of 2 $WORK per epoch (with one small exception for a specific attribute) will be earned, up to a maximum of 10 $WORK per epoch.
Even though these rewards are calculated per epoch, $WORK rewards can still be claimed on a daily basis from our staking platform.
For the rare attributes, we have taken into account all the different properties of our workers - {Head, Mouth, Body, Color, Eyes, Skull, and Utility}:
Head & Mouth
Body & Color
Eyes & Skull

Head attributes

Mouth attributes

Body attributes

Color attributes

Eyes attributes

Skull attributes

Utility attributes